Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 8th 11:30 AM - 12:20 PM place Red Room people 100 Interested

Let’s debunk the myth that you must keep teams stable or “the same” in order to have a successful company. Changing teams can help reduce the risk of attrition, learning & career stagnation, and the development of knowledge silos. I’ll share original case studies from well known companies that enable dynamic change to their teams propelled by retrospectives and other agile, humanistic practices. In this talk, you’ll learn tips and tricks for building a sustainable company by changing teams – whether it’s by growing and splitting teams, merging teams, seeding teams, adding new people across multiple teams and more. I’ll also share reteaming antipatterns and what not to do.


Target Audience

Technical leaders, scrum masters and anyone interested in the patterns of designing teams.



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