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"A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors".

That fact holds everything you need to know about functional programming (FP), right!? If that sentence is a jumble of confusing words to you, you're not alone.

FP is one of the most powerful programming concepts ever conceived, but it's mired in mountains of terminology and notation and often taught from the top-down. Think about it: it's much easier to think about climbing the mountain once you're already on the top and can see back down. But right now, you're standing at the base of the mountain, ready and eager to climb but all you have is a collection of fancy climbing gear and no clue how to use it to begin the climb.

This workshop is your primer on how to use this climbing gear to get started up the mountain. Most of the core concepts of FP are actually very intuitive and straightforward, when presented from the ground up without confusing terms or symbolic notations. Functional-light is a look at FP that helps you start the climb, not a lecture on why the climb should be easier than you think it is.

We'll look at: function parameters, side effects/purity, composition, immutability, closure, recursion, list operations, and more!

If you're ready to start using FP concepts intuitively and pragmatically to improve your code, and not just hearing confusing terms, this workshop is for you.


Learning Outcome

Attendees will explore the core foundations of Functional Programming as applied to JavaScript, but from a ground-up, pragmatic perspective rather than laden with terminology and notation. Functional Programming can be quite intimidating, but this course will help attendees navigate the confusion and increase their level of confidence in writing clean, trustable, declarative-style code.

Target Audience

JS developers with 2+ years experience (intermediate)

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