This is a workshop with two agendas. The first is to get you up to speed with the Elixir language and the tooling that surrounds it. We'll see why companies around the world are switching to Elixir (and it's not just for the fantastic Phoenix web framework). And we'll do this by writing code: lots of code. By the end of the day you'll have a multi-user, real-time collaborative app up and running.

But there's a second, secret agenda. I want to introduce you to a different way of thinking about programming: state, objects, functions, concurrency: it's all up for grabs. I'm betting that the day after the workshop you'll find yourself writing code differently. Your code will have less coupling, and it will be easier to change. And it doesn't matter what language you're using.

This is a workshop for programmers: I'll run it as fast as you want, and I won't be shy when it comes from giving my personal (and often controversial) opinions.


Target Audience

Developers working on applications with concurrency(e.g. web applications) who want to design and test the more complex properties of their software.

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