Workshop - JavaScript: The Recent Parts

With the advent of ES6 (aka ES2015) a few years back, the log jam holding back improvements to the JS language design was finally unstuck. But with it came a flood of new language features, into an already overwhelmingly crowded and fragmented ecosystem of JS tools and frameworks. And JS changes just keep coming and coming. For many, this pace of change can be very intimidating and frustration.

In this workshop, we'll take a quick glance at a variety of features added to JS from ES6 to present, and try to get a sense of what parts we should be paying closest attention to. You can't learn everything -- it all changes to fast. But you can keep an eye on the flow of the language as it evolves, and that's the picture this talk will paint for you.

Topics covered include: spread/rest, destructuring, template literals, iterators, generators, async-await, async generators/iteration, RegExp improvements, and more.


Learning Outcome

Attendees will dive into a variety of updates to the JS language from ES6 forward through the latest revision, ES2018. By understanding the most recent features of the language, attendees will improve their ability to communicate ideas in code more clearly and effectively.

Target Audience

2 years solid experience with JavaScript

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring laptop with comfortable local development environment (code editor, modern browser, etc).

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