From the Caveman to the Spreadsheet and Beyond

location_city Sydney schedule Nov 29th 04:40 - 05:30 PM AEDT place Red Room people 77 Interested

In this talk Simon will take us on a historical voyage through the representation of information in software and the internet. From tables and charts, through mind maps, info-graphics, multi-dimensional views, and Minecraft. On the way he will explore tooling such as spreadsheets, 4GLs, RADs, workbooks, AirTable, Coda and more. With that background he’ll then dive deeply into the software architecture of a new and exciting platform currently in development, The Big Crunch, which will lead us to an interesting discussion on scale and the making of assumptions that can allow you keep growing a system... or not! Its going to be fast paced and fun, so don’t miss out.


Target Audience

Software Developers, Data Scientists

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