Faster, More Effective Test-Driven Development

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Are your tests slow and brittle? Do you get a sinking feeling when you need to refactor? Do you worry that your unit tests aren’t actually testing anything important? If so, you could benefit from writing tests that don’t use mock objects.

In this workshop, you’ll use Node.js to explore a cutting-edge approach to test-driven development (TDD) that doesn’t need mocks or end-to-end tests. We’ll re-examine test-driven development from first principles to create tests that are fast, effective, and easy to write. We’ll tackle real-world problems such as testing infrastructure, evolving mock-free designs from scratch, and working with existing mock-based designs.


Learning Outcome

You’ll learn the core principles of testing without mocks, the tradeoffs involved, what’s easier, and what’s harder. Because this course re-examines test-driven development from a new perspective, it’s suitable for both TDD beginners and experts. You’ll leave with a new bag of tricks for your toolkit and you’ll be ready to choose between a mock-based or mock-free approach depending on the needs of your code.

Target Audience

Experienced programmers. Basic familiarity with JavaScript and Node.js. No prior TDD experience is needed, but basic familiarity with testing frameworks is recommended.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Node.js installed
  • git installed


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