O’ Mice An’ Men -- Rescuing a Project Gang Agley

location_city Online schedule Dec 9th 10:10 - 10:55 AM place Room 1

You might have noticed that the world is suffering a pandemic at the moment, and it might have disrupted your software development plans. At least you’ve got a good excuse, though I’ve heard rumors of managers being sacked for not foreseeing the pandemic and including it in their schedules. I’ve not heard that sacking the managers has either made the pandemic go away, or rescued a software development schedule. I’ll leave that first problem to the epidemiologists and virologists, but when circumstances make a laughingstock of your schedule, what can you do? I can’t tell you how to do the impossible, but I can help you make the best of the situation. To do that, we’ll use that much maligned and oft misused tool, estimation. Come with me and we’ll explore ways to use your estimates to guide your response to unforeseen disruptions–meeting near term needs to the extent possible, and future proofing your longer term plans.


Learning Outcome

- Detect when your plans are disrupted early enough to take action - Determine what wrong assumptions made your estimates and plans obsolete - Adjust your assumptions for future plans

Target Audience

Managers, Product Owners, Development Teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be more interested in achieving successful outcomes than assigning blame


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