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Did you know that the first bullet by an enemy in a first-person action shooter always misses you? Would you like to know why a game once had to stitch a whole train to act as the head of a player character? Did you know that in third person games, the first two-thirds of your health bar is worth fewer points than the last third?

Game Designers are some of the most creative and potent problem solvers in the tech field - many solutions being odd, surprising and most importantly: Focused on the user experience like no other. We are teachers, storytellers, therapists, matchmakers in ways that are surprising and innovative for anybody who needs to solve complex problems for humans or human and tech interaction. This talk aims to talk about and teach some of the ways Game Designers work, go over some of the most fascinating solutions we have found for our games and why they exist, and hopefully reframe ways people in adjacent industries can learn from the approach, just as we learn from other tech fields.

Target Audience

developers, Technical leads and Architects,programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners

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