Hidden Features and Traps of C++ Move Semantics

location_city Online schedule Dec 8th 06:00 - 06:45 PM place Room 1

Move semantics, introduced with C++11, has become a hallmark of modern C++ programming. However, it also complicates the language in many ways. Even after several years of support, experienced programmers struggle with all details of move semantics.

While I took the time to write up all the facts and details in my new book "C++ Move Semantics - The Complete Guide" (cppmove.com), I learned a lot I wasn't aware of (note that the final book has 260 pages).

This talk is about a very simple class to demonstrate some remarkable aspects of move semantics. We will see some tricky features and traps to understand C++ better.


Target Audience

developers, Technical leads and Architects,programmers, testers, business analysts and product owners


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