Engagement metrics aside, how are the applications you’re making engaging users at an emotional level? How much thinking goes into the personality and tone of your product? Are you thinking comprehensively about every messaging touchpoint your product has with a user? What about writing the error messages, alerts, calls-to-action, descriptions, or release notes?

Jaimee has been helping Fortune 500 companies, agencies, non-profits and startups with digital products for more than 17 years with emphasis on mobile applications for the last 5. What has helped separate the products Jaimee has worked on to stand out from the rest is their ability to engage and empathize with users. Over years of refinement, her process has come to consistently evoke such responses from her clients as, “You’ve earned our trust!”, “You understand who we are!” and “Thank you – We love you!”

Whether you have a concept, a startup, corporation or enterprise product – whether software, website or mobile application – Jaimee wants to share some very important considerations in creating products that connect emotionally with users. In this session Jaimee will walk you through some design and personality thinking, on-boarding dos and don’ts, and copywriting considerations to help your applications become more fun, delightful, and emotionally engaging experiences for your users.


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