Smash – Tennis based wearable tech from idea to production

You’ll learn about the journey of taking Smash, a wearable tech startup for tennis, from an early idea to being production ready. The talk will focus on the technical aspects of the hardware and software evolution, but some context of the startup business will be discussed to frame the conversation.

From a technical perspective, Smash began as a generic prototype used to gather data around tennis play. Countless hours of data gathering and analysis was done over a 12 month period. You’ll see a demonstration of how the prototype works, the raw data, and the pattern matching heuristics that evolved from the process. The details of the sensors inside the device and the technical trade-offs will be discussed.

Following the prototype stage, the device underwent a physical transformation through engagements with manufacturing and industrial design companies. You’ll see that evolution and the final design prototype.

With all of those pieces in place, there’s also the challenge of creating some useful software for consumers to provide genuine value. You’ll see the software design process, and hear the story about how that is progressing.

Smash ran a kickstarter campaign during June & July in an attempt to raise money for the first full manufacturing run and development of the software. You’ll hear about whether that was a success or not, and some thoughts on why it turned out the way it did.


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