Working in the Android ecosystem – handling the vast array of versions and devices

The speaker will talk about the variety of problems that could arise, and things to consider when trying to support a vast array of android versions and devices. Building an app that can run seamlessly on any android device is one of the major challenges to get those five stars and being featured on PlayStore.

This talk will be mainly focused on development with numerous examples and techniques of the most common android development problems. All these combined with tips and tools will help you reduce the android fragmentation gap.

Examples that we’ll cover include

  • supporting variety of screens
  • reusing software components
  • improving performance
  • UI and development tips and patterns
  • most common issues caused by the fragmentation, and how to fix them
  • tools that can help you create a great app

Attendees will learn on this talk how to approach android application development challenges, with confidence that their apps will be compatible across the pool of varieties of android powered devices.


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