Watch This Face: Designing the Same App on Multiple Wearable Platforms

On the face of it, Android Wear and the Apple Watch are very similar: they’re both wristwatches, they’re both closely tied to your phone, and the tech media are unaccountably excited about both of them. But how do their differences affect you as a developer? This session explores what it takes to design and consider the same application for the two most prominent wearable platforms in existence today.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to build and design a great application for both platforms. You’ll learn about:

  • The design patterns that Apple Watch and Android Wear (and to a lesser extent, other platforms like Pebble) share
  • The design patterns that they don’t share
  • How to think about multiple same-but-different design patterns for same-but-different hardware at the same time
  • Finding the common ground in your ideas and design

This design-focused session will explore what it means to be a watch app, and discuss how a “watch app” is not the same as a “mobile app”


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