Wearables, Nearables and the Internet of Things: A New Paradigm on User Experience developed through Design Thinking

Most people think of SAP as the terribly ugly and unusable finance/HR system. In this presentation, we will explain how we are trying to change this image by using the design thinking methodology to better understand our customers. I will cover three scenario’s on which we used design thinking to improve the customer engagement process. The first being Australia Post and the parcel collection process which we used an iPad and beacons to improve the tracking and parcel collection process. The second scenario being an electrical field service technician having to complete a work in the field. We use a MYO and our visual enterprise software on an iPad to demonstrate how we can improve machine maintenance processes by providing a gesture control schematic where the technician can continue the animation process without having to put down tools or remove gloves. The final scenario combines an iPad, beacons, iPhone and Apple Watch to improve the loan origination process. I will then detail the design thinking process that was used to develop the above customer demonstrations and steps others can take to use design thinking in their customer engagement process.


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