A Separation of Concerns: Clean Architecture on Android

As an Android developer, I want to deliver features without making compromises on code quality.

Scenario 1 – Given I am dealing with 1000+ line activities, When I have to develop a complicated feature, Then I waste time orienting myself and fixing bugs.

Scenario 2 – Given I have integrated a backend API directly into my app logic, When that API changes, Then I have to refactor large segments of unrelated logic in order to utilise the new API.

Scenario 3 – Given I have cleanly architected my application, When business/presentation/backend logic changes, Then I can easily update the relevant code without breaking unrelated features!

In this talk, two Android developers will present their take on what a cleanly architected app looks like and why it makes our lives easier. A well-defined separation of concerns has benefits not just for our sanity as developers, but also for the project workflow as it allows multiple developers to collaborate on a single feature with ease. We will be exploring how the domain-driven approach can improve code clarity, allow you to easily write tests, and provide a scalable infrastructure for you to quickly iterate on. Join us on our path of discovery as we discuss the advantages, drawbacks and implementation specifics in the context of a small sample project.


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