For mobile apps, design and development have traditionally been two separate ventures with some handover. Typically the visual designer prepares graphic elements, which the developer adds on a screen by screen basis to the app. The graphics have to be ready for the developer to use them and the developer has to redo the work if the design changes.

We have adopted a different approach, where the designer and developer can work in parallel. The design elements are continually fluid and automatically update the app without rework by the developer. The designer can change colours, gradients, shadows, drawings, icons, sizes and even animations at any time, with the next build of the app showing the iterated changes. We give the designer the maximum possible power and responsibility.

This mechanism gives us graphics that work on both iOS and Android, at all resolutions. For iOS we get vector graphics that are drawn at runtime for the device resolution, desired colour and size, greatly reducing the number of assets required.

We have enhanced this process over the years for various clients including Philips, CommonWealth Bank, state governments, and we are now integrating it at Optus and some startups like AirShr. In July we released the CommonWealth app for tablet for iOS and Android which sets a new benchmark for visual design and interactivity in a financial app


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