Polished Droids: Bringing Android Apps to Chromebooks

At I/O this year, Google announced that Android apps and Google Play itself were coming to Chromebooks. So what does this actually mean for Android developers? How easy or hard is it in practice to bring an Android app across to work well on Chromebooks? And what do Chromebook users think of all this?

Based on my recent experience of getting a popular Android open source app project over to work well on Chromebooks, I will cover topics such as:

  • Which Chromebooks can run Android apps
  • Underlying technology used to bring Google Play and Android apps to Chromebooks
  • Techniques for developing and testing apps on Chromebooks and the differences to existing Android devices
  • Potential issues and pitfalls to be aware of in bringing Android apps to Chromebooks

This talk is aimed at experienced Android developers and will give them a fast track to what is involved in getting existing and new Android apps working well on Chromebooks as well as the opportunities and challenges that Android apps on Chromebooks bring to the existing Android ecosystem.


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