Increasing The Confidence In Your Service Integrations

Testing mobile apps has always been difficult, especially across integration points. When a service has multiple clients, at multiple versions, it makes modifications incredibly difficult. Breakages between an app and service are often discovered late in the development cycle (or after it has been released!) and the causes are difficult to diagnose. Contract testing is an idea that has become very popular in the micro services area, but I believe is equally applicable to mobile applications.

Pact is a tool that was built to test the contracts between micro services. I built a Swift library that conforms to the same specification to allow the same testing methods to be used between an iOS mobile app and a service. With this talk I will show how you can use Pact to test the boundaries between your mobile app and services.

Although the examples in this talk are Swift / iOS specific, the principles around contract testing and the use of Pact are applicable across client / server systems.


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