RxJava has been taking the Android world by storm. There is not a single API in Android that doesn’t have a RxJava wrapper available. Yet the steep learning curve and the overly simplistic examples available can make it hard to grasp the real benefit of RxJava. Many developers are left with questions like:

  • Do I really need RxJava if my API responses don’t require mapping and filtering operations?
  • Most of my features are simple, is it worth it to implement an RxJava based architecture for simple features?

In this talk we will briefly introduce RxJava and the most important concepts. Next we will look at how you would implement a basic feature in an Android app and we will closely look at the additional benefits that RxJava will provide other than just basic mapping and filtering of data. You will see how threading turns into an afterthought instead of an upfront design decision and the impact this will have on the overall architecture of your app.


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