Android DataBinding: This is the DSL You're Looking For!

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The Android Data Binding Library is great for reducing the amount of boiler plate you need to build the view layer in your android apps.

But going beyond the basics will give you an even bigger payback.

In this talk I'll cover some of the more advanced users of Data Binding including:

  • 2-way Data Binding
  • custom attributes
  • complex widgets
  • integrating 3rd party libraries

As a bonus, examples will come from an app in development for several year, in Google Play with thousands of users that has been refactored recently to use Data Binding.

For those that have seen the Google IO talk "Advanced Data Binding" this talk will serve as a good followup, providing more real-world examples of how to use Data Binding in your app and covering areas like 3rd party libraries that were not covered in the IO talk and are not well documented outside of blog posts and SO answers.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Very brief intro to Data Binding Library
  • View layer of example app
  • Adding Data Binding to an existing app
  • 2-way Data Binding
  • Custom Attributes
  • Example complex widget with Data Binding
  • Using 3rd Party Libraries with Data Binding
  • Data Binding: behind the curtain
  • Summary

Learning Outcome

This talk will give Android developers a good understanding of using more advanced parts of the Data Binding Library and provide them examples that they can use as starting points to using Data Binding in their existing apps to remove boiler plate and make their code more readable and easier to maintain.

Target Audience

Android developers wanting to learn more about using Data Binding Library in thier existing apps.



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