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"Immersive" is the key defining factor of the next wave of computing. With each computing revolution the distance between the user and the computing experience has shrunk - with today's modern mobile devices making computing Pervasive. This next step is truly user-centered and puts you right at the heart of a deeply Immersive Experience. The key question that faces us now is "How do we get there from here?". Our near future seems to inevitably involve hyper-connected wearable and then embed-able computer displays. But how will we all migrate from today's mobile devices to this amazing new nerdvana?

This session takes a detailed look at what makes "Immersive-ness" so important. What standards and market forces are driving this evolution. And how you can navigate your way through all the technological change this will bring.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Who am I?
- What tech predictions have I made?
- What is Mixed Reality?
- What is Immersive?
- How has our distance from technology evolved?
- Where are we now?
- What's likely in the future?
- Why has VR exploded recently?
- What are the real market trends? (Hint: Mobile VR/AR is winning)
- How long until we really get our magic glasses?
- What will drive market change between now and then? (Hint: Mobile VR/AR will keep winning)
- What won't change?
- How can you prepare for this evolution?
- Questions/Discussion

Learning Outcome

As a participant you will learn how VR & AR form part of a broader Mixed Reality continuum. You will learn how these new technologies create Immersive experiences and how this will drive the next computing revolution. You will also learn what standards and market forces are likely to drive this evolution and what you will need to learn in order to adapt and evolve too.

Target Audience

Developers/Designers interested in Mixed Reality (VR & AR)

Prerequisites for Attendees

A general belief that Mixed Reality (VR & AR) is the future of computing and a strong interest in preparing for that future.



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