ThinkerShield - Designing Hardware to Enable Creators

location_city Melbourne schedule Sep 21st 01:05 - 01:35 PM AEDT place Green Room

The ThinkerShield for Arduino makes it easy for anyone to get started with programming and controlling things with their computer in minutes! No need for any wiring or soldering or program knowledge. Even if you have never seen a computer program before, with the ThinkerShield you will be making things flash, buzz, beep and respond in no time! It has been designed over a 4 year period with multiple prototypes and is now going to be used in the NSW premier's code challenge and 1000's of units are in schools across every Australian state.

This talk will share the challenges of getting this to product form and why people should care about ThinkerShield.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Why care about ThinkShield?
  2. The design/prototyping of ThinkerShield
  3. Taking the product to market
  4. Why should educators care?
  5. Why should hardware designers care?
  6. Where to next

Learning Outcome

  1. How to create a product including microcontrollers
  2. How to educate people in coding physical components

Target Audience

Educators and people looking to design new hardware (but not sure where to start)



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