Complex problem require strong teams to address them. But many teams are globally distributed, diverse in their nature, and way harder to manage than individuals. Atlassian is one of those work environments. We wanted to harness the power of these diverse teams, and resist the temptation to add layers of bureaucracy, process, and compliance regimes to make every team member act the same.

We gave birth to the Atlassian Playbook. A set of principles, patterns (our view of healthy teams) and plays (what those teams do to be healthy), that enable us to retain autonomy, provide teams with freedom to operate in their environment, drive continual improvement, eliminate management by committee, and to ultimately provide our teams with the techniques to be efficient AND effective.

This talk will teach you how to utilize the playbook at your company so you can drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization without adding endless policy, procedures, or mind-numbing politics that slow down your org.


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