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At past CTO summits we have introduced MYOB's platform manifesto as well as the principles and values that drive technical decision making at MYOB. The aim of this talk is our next installment that talks about our journey towards creating a plan or an intentional architecture that will bring our vision to life. It is a talk about doing bottom up architecture at scale whilst still trying to keep design malleable and supple. It will demonstrate how coming up with an architecture can ultimately connect delivery teams with the client problem and allow them to solve real customer problems. Ultimately it will show how MYOB is tackling the problem of connecting the delivery teams to customer outcomes.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Recap of MYOB's Platform Manifesto and its objectives

Recap of Values and Principles that attempted to achieve the objectives above

A statement of why that was not enough and why in a scaling engineering team interpretation is extremely dangerous

The actions we took to reduce interpretation and come up with a plan to implement our target architecture

Domain Modeling and Event Storming - application of the techniques and some surprising results

Technical Culture and how we went about reducing the amount of complexity

Lessons learnt from all of the above

Conclusion and Questions

Learning Outcome

Tips and Tricks on how to lead a technical change program

Creating a technical vision

Creating a culture that can actually achieve a vision

Practical discussion of Event Storming as a design technique

Mind maps of technical leadership consideration

And understanding of problems with rapidly scaling engineering teams

Target Audience

CTO, CEO, CIO, Head of Development, Head of Architecture, Technical Leader, Business Leaders, Transformation Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

An interest in creating customer focussed teams that truly understand the domain that they are working in. This enables them to reach a level of autonomy that they always seek and create real business value.



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