Cross-Organisation, Cross-Culture, Successful Delivery: Lessons in Delivery from REA’s Integration with NAB

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In 2017 the REA Group inked a deal with the National Australia Bank to partner on providing home loans to the millions of Australians who spend time on looking for property and lifestyle information.

From Day 1 it was recognised that Australian business history is littered with the carcasses of failed mergers between our biggest institutions and organisations that represent the new digital economy, and that this REA-NAB partnership would require something special from an engineering, culture and governance perspective.

It only took 8 months for the moment of truth to arrive - an engineering riddle , wrapped in a cultural mystery, inside a governance enigma. The team that came together had to find a new path, a third way of solving the technical roadblocks that had arisen through complex system architectures and data integration necessary to satisfy our customer's needs.

Six key lessons were drawn from the August 2017 moment of truth for the two engineering organisations, that should provide inspiration to others planning partnerships of this scale in future.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Slide presentation laid out using story-telling methodology of 'situation, complication, key question, answer and action' - with slides based on photos not words.

Q&A for 5-10 minutes at the end.

Learning Outcome

Practical tips that high stakes projects can take away and apply immediately.

Target Audience

CTOs, engineering managers, technical leaders



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