Hacking Digital Leadership – Insights on How to Achieve Success from 40 Digital Leaders

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Making the shift from technologist to successful leader is challenging. The transition causes anxiety for most of us as we fear being seen as incompetent. The shift has us move from a world of well-defined problems to one that is grey, ambiguous and often has long feedback loops.

This presentation will share the insights of the 40 digital leaders interviewed (with a combined experience of over 400 years in tech) on how they became leaders and what it takes to be a successful Digital Leader.

Learn how to transition from technology to people, balance tactical and strategic operation and the 5 key recommendations of the Digital Leaders Career Success pyramid.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. The Challenge and why it’s important
    Technical people are the best people to lead technical people. However, a lot of us shy away from becoming leaders, not because we are poor at it, but because of the anxiety and misperception of leadership. Society itself is transitioning into the digital age, where digital natives such as Amazon are disrupting non-digital domains such as groceries. Digital Leaders are then, the future of our society, let’s make sure we grow leaders that understand technology.
  2. The Transition to leadership
    Learn what it means to be a digital leader and the shifts required to be successful as we transition from focusing on technology, to process and people. We will also take a brief look at how technologists make the choice to become a leader or stay technical.
  3. Digital Situational Leadership – A framework for successful operation
    The ability to switch contexts rapidly is essential to good leadership. Knowing which context to think in at any given moment gives us leaders the ability to make the best decisions and ask the right questions. Learn the Digital Situational Leadership framework which describes four key abilities and contexts of operation that great leaders use every day to achieve success.

  4. The Career Success Pyramid
    The fastest way to achieve something is to learn from others that have already achieved it. They have paved the way and often spent years of trial and error getting there. The Career Success pyramid leverages over 400 years of experience from 40 Digital Leaders and presents 5 recommendations to Hack your leadership growth.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn:

  • 5 actionable tips that Hack Digital Leadership success from over 400 years of combined experience
  • Why we need more technical people to become leaders
  • What it means to be a Digital Leader and how people choose their path
  • The 4 contexts of Digital Leadership which when used consciously drive success

Target Audience

Tech leads, Development Managers and CTO’s

Prerequisites for Attendees

A desire to be a great leader, some basic exposure to leadership concepts.



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