The Future of Tech is Sustainable, Diverse & Makes a Difference

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 6th 03:55 - 04:25 PM AEDT place The Loft

To survive and grow, technology companies need to align themselves with, and invest in, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and social impact. Drawing on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, research by Ernst & Young, The Boston Consulting Group, and others, I will make the case that companies not aligned with these goals will lack the resilience and strength to face the challenges that lie ahead—from competitors, from the environment, and from the workforce. Finally, we will look at some positive examples and talk about what the next steps for your company, startup, or other organisation/conference/meetup might be. Tech companies are well placed to make this transition. As an industry, as well as software and hardware we have experience with disruptive innovation and have learnt how to apply lean and agile methodologies to new industries. People from Clayton Christensen to Bill Gates believe these are keys to resilience and impact in all sectors.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The first third is spent talking about the case for and impact of diversity, based on research from Ernst & Young, BCG, McKinsey & others.

The middle third talking about the surprising psychology of the impact diversity training has.

The final third talking about the surprising source (for a more positive value of "surprising" :) of positive experiences in The Boston Consulting Group, Atlassian and other Australian companies.

Learning Outcome

The outcome I'm hoping for is simply an expanded frame of reference and thinking. When presenting to leaders I don't imagine they are hoping for a fixed lesson, rather a new and additional set of data, tools, mental models and inspiration to use when tackling one of our industries most pressing problems.

Target Audience




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