Build the Right Thing to Make a Dollar by Making a Social Difference

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 6th 12:20 - 12:50 PM place The Loft

This talk will explain how "building the right thing right" & implementing a "shared value" competitive strategy can have a massive impact for social good as well as internal engineering, design & delivery culture.

Its shared wisdom now that by utilising design thinking techniques to build the right thing we can get closer to and empathise more with the community and answer the question of "should we build it"? Its also now well known that by teams baking in all the goodness of a well informed agile process & culture (cross functional teams, visualisation, TDD, CI, CD, devops etc) delivering the next most worthwhile opportunity happens effectively.

However rather than just trying to find the next widget to make a dollar off, social entrepreneurs and for purpose organisations are zeroing in on environmental & social challenges to crack which not only give them the edge over solutions with less soul, they can deliver meaningful sustained impact at scale and bake in social good as part of BAU.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Passing the mike between Susan & Derek.

Derek leading with product technology development process & theory as well as business strategy. Make being passed to Susan (Phil video) to provide illustration of how this has been implemented with colourful community examples.

Learning Outcome

Add another strategy option to your business.

Be inspired by how some social entrepreneurs have connected business, technology & society for profit.

Target Audience

CTOs, Engineering, Product & Strategy Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should be ready to listen and actively engage.



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