Incident Post-Mortem Best Practices

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 6th 01:50 - 02:20 PM AEDT place The Loft

One of the most important tenets of DevOps is the concept of continuous learning: always looking for ways to improve your processes, tools and overall operational effectiveness. This becomes even more important after you’ve had a major incident / outage. Your team can use the incident as a learning opportunity by conducting an effective post-mortem.

This session describes how to create an effective learning feedback loop as part of your incident management process, by conducting a blameless post-mortem. We use a real-life incident post-mortem from PagerDuty’s history as an example. We’ll cover what goes into a post-mortem investigation, what goes into the actual post-mortem report, and touch on the importance of blamelessness as part of your PM process.


Target Audience

All attendees.



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