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YOW! CTO Summit 2017 Sydney

Wed, Dec 6
Timezone: Australia/Sydney (AEST)

    Registration for YOW! CTO Summit Sydney 2017 - 45 mins


    Session Overviews & Introductions - 15 mins


    Morning Break - 30 mins


    Lunch - 60 mins

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    Alex Solomon

    Alex Solomon - Incident Post-Mortem Best Practices

    schedule  01:50 - 02:20 PM AEST place The Loft star_halfRate

    One of the most important tenets of DevOps is the concept of continuous learning: always looking for ways to improve your processes, tools and overall operational effectiveness. This becomes even more important after you’ve had a major incident / outage. Your team can use the incident as a learning opportunity by conducting an effective post-mortem.

    This session describes how to create an effective learning feedback loop as part of your incident management process, by conducting a blameless post-mortem. We use a real-life incident post-mortem from PagerDuty’s history as an example. We’ll cover what goes into a post-mortem investigation, what goes into the actual post-mortem report, and touch on the importance of blamelessness as part of your PM process.

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    Roisin Parkes

    Roisin Parkes - What Working with Diverse Teams Really Means

    schedule  02:25 - 02:55 PM AEST place The Loft star_halfRate

    What does diversity really mean when we talk about teams? Team members from different countries or cultural backgrounds? Team members with different levels of experience and different technical skills? Cross-functional teams? Teams in different locations? Diversity of thought?

    In reality its all of those things and each of them has its own challenges. In this talk we look at how we can create high-performing diverse teams through purposeful communication and actions.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of diverse teams, the most obvious advantage is that diversity can lead to better solutions through differences of opinion. But how do you manage this conflict in the team? How do you turn conflict into creativity and innovation?

    What if they're all being too nice to each other and there is no conflict?! We will look at how you can build teams that trust each other and are not afraid to fail.


    Afternoon Break - 25 mins

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    Mark Aufflick

    Mark Aufflick - The Future of Tech is Sustainable, Diverse & Makes a Difference

    schedule  03:55 - 04:25 PM AEST place The Loft star_halfRate

    To survive and grow, technology companies need to align themselves with, and invest in, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and social impact. Drawing on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, research by Ernst & Young, The Boston Consulting Group, and others, I will make the case that companies not aligned with these goals will lack the resilience and strength to face the challenges that lie ahead—from competitors, from the environment, and from the workforce. Finally, we will look at some positive examples and talk about what the next steps for your company, startup, or other organisation/conference/meetup might be. Tech companies are well placed to make this transition. As an industry, as well as software and hardware we have experience with disruptive innovation and have learnt how to apply lean and agile methodologies to new industries. People from Clayton Christensen to Bill Gates believe these are keys to resilience and impact in all sectors.


    Conference Drinks & Networking - 85 mins