From Brisbane to the World - How to Scale everything (not just technology) to take on the world

location_city Brisbane schedule Nov 26th 04:30 - 05:00 PM place Grand Ball Room 1

Revelian has dominated the Australian market in its chosen field of data-driven human behaviour insights however the task of taking our small software as a service company to the world has been a challenge. In this session Lea will share how Revelian transformed much of the the business to land 3 of the top companies in the world as clients.

We will cover the obvious aspects of transforming the technology utilizing technologies like serverless but also tell a story on how the entire business needed to transform to support global clients. We also cover how the culture of Revelian needed to transform and how the technology team influenced that direction.

Attendees will also learn how a forming a coherent strategy will help achieve the goal of going global. Lea will present example of strategy documents and how they can be used to translate the vision to the rest of the business.

The session will wrap up with the top 10 lessons we have learnt from going from a small operation next to Bunnings in Stafford to a global force in human resource software as a service.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to Revelian

Background to Revelian technology

The Challenge - 27 concurrent users to thousands

How the challenge effects the rest of Revelian

Scaling the rest of the business

Solving and delivering on the challenge

Strategy documents as a communication tool

Top 10 lessons learnt to go Global

Learning Outcome

How to come up with a complete strategy for the business to go global

Target Audience

CTO, leaders and attendees looking to scale their business


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