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YOW! CTO Summit 2018 Brisbane Day 1

Mon, Nov 26
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane (AEST)

    Registration for YOW! CTO Summit Brisbane 2018 - 45 mins


    Session Overviews & Introductions - 15 mins

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    Brad Clow

    Brad Clow - Experiences from an Enterprise Startup

    schedule  09:35 - 10:05 AM AEST place Grand Ball Room 1 star_halfRate

    Many companies struggle to truly innovate after they become larger and more established. Typically they develop risk averse environments that hinder the very entrepreneurial thinking and action required for radical change. One strategy to address this is for the enterprise to found a separate startup business.

    A large Australian retailer pursued this strategy. As an original member of that startup I will describe our experiences with the inherent cultural and technological differences between the two businesses. An enterprise startup can provide the benefits of business agility, moving faster and exploring different directions. However the benefits come with many challenges so I will conclude with major lessons learnt.


    Morning Coffee - 20 mins


    Lunch - 40 mins

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    Liam McLennan

    Liam McLennan - Solving the problem of more work than time and money

    schedule  01:55 - 02:25 PM AEST place Grand Ball Room 1 star_halfRate

    January 2017 I became the Chief Technology Officer of an online media and travel company and was immediately confronted by an impossible situation. The product team was being bombarded with initiatives to deliver, all of which needed to be delivered immediately. A team ten times the size could not have done it. The required set of initiatives changed on a weekly basis, compounding the problem. Before I started the product team had been doing their best to meet the demands of the organisation, thus they had accumulated a portfolio of poorly thought out, half-executed solutions.

    This presentation is about how I helped the company to create a strategy, map the strategy to execution, and release three successful products in two years. It includes topics such as: how we managed our technical debt, how we rebuilt the product team, how to work with a CEO to define a product strategy and prioritize initiatives and how to manage a product delivery team to focus on creating value over being busy.

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    Sarah Taraporewalla

    Sarah Taraporewalla - From Tech Lead to Motherhood : One woman’s journey from changing systems to changing nappies - and back again

    schedule  02:30 - 03:00 PM AEST place Grand Ball Room 1 star_halfRate

    Our industry undeniably suffers from a lack of gender balance amongst hands-on technologists. Even fewer of those technologists are mothers. Sadly, many women believe that you can’t remain technical once you become a mother. But there are small changes that we as leaders can make to support our team members as they transition back into the workforce.

    In this talk, Sarah will share with you her experience, including the challenges she faced, of returning to a senior technical role after starting a family. You will hear the changes she made within her company to make it easier for others to see how to return and stay technical, and the benefits to her company of having her and others like her able to return to work.

    Sarah hopes her experience will provide some inspiration and practical advice to share with your software engineers and tech leads who are contemplating motherhood, and for leaders who are committed to supporting diversity in their workplace.


    Afternoon Tea - 20 mins

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    Lea Medhurst

    Lea Medhurst - From Brisbane to the World - How to Scale everything (not just technology) to take on the world

    schedule  04:30 - 05:00 PM AEST place Grand Ball Room 1 star_halfRate

    Revelian has dominated the Australian market in its chosen field of data-driven human behaviour insights however the task of taking our small software as a service company to the world has been a challenge. In this session Lea will share how Revelian transformed much of the the business to land 3 of the top companies in the world as clients.

    We will cover the obvious aspects of transforming the technology utilizing technologies like serverless but also tell a story on how the entire business needed to transform to support global clients. We also cover how the culture of Revelian needed to transform and how the technology team influenced that direction.

    Attendees will also learn how a forming a coherent strategy will help achieve the goal of going global. Lea will present example of strategy documents and how they can be used to translate the vision to the rest of the business.

    The session will wrap up with the top 10 lessons we have learnt from going from a small operation next to Bunnings in Stafford to a global force in human resource software as a service.


    Networking Drinks - 55 mins