How to survive and thrive in Tech Leadership through an Agile transformation

location_city Melbourne schedule Dec 5th 11:00 - 11:30 AM place Grand Ball Room 1

This talk provides insights into the challenges faced by Technology leaders in the Enterprise wide Agile Transformation Bankwest is undergoing. It's a frank account of the goals, success, but most importantly unexpected side effects and lessons learned to date. It will help anyone going through or planning a major transformation and faced with leading engineering or technology teams.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Brief Outline of Bankwest & it's business strategy, technology & operating context
  2. Brief outline of the Bankwest operating model - the principles, components and organisation wide cadence
  3. Deep dive into 5 lessons learned
    1. Enterprise Agile vs IT Agile - the differences, constraints and what to expect;
    2. Cults & Common Sense- will reference some academic literature (Cialdini) to talk about hierarchical mindsets, deference to Authority and how this played out in our Agile adoption.
    3. Sunlight - what it really feels like, and what you find when you shine a light on a transparent structure. What we found, how it felt, and how you can prepare for it. It will include the key differences between leading Tribes and Chapters, & order taking vs order making and strategic planning in leading platforms.
    4. Structure & Governance - why and how the basics of leadership and management (planning, governance, architecture guardrails, stakeholder management, communication, change management) are the keys to moving fast; I'll share lessons in what happens when this is missing, mis-conceptions and how its worked. It will include the Bankwest organisational cadence and process , importance of Experimentation Data and Science in the process.
    5. Superficial Ceremonies - will dive into some of the anti-patterns seen in showcases, standups, unblocking, retro's etc - what to look for and what's really behind them (culture!), including examples and what to do.
  4. Summary - wrap will include business successes, technical platform challenges, and quickly summarise and recap the lessons/takeaways

Learning Outcome

  • Insights and tips into managing a Tech function during a transformation
  • Knowledge of Enterprise Agile operating models and Bankwest's implementation
  • Why the fundamentals of Tech leadership are still so critical, but often overlooked
  • How uncomfortable Agile leadership can be

Target Audience

Technology leaders at all levels

Prerequisites for Attendees

The session will only very briefly outline the Bankwest Operating model before focusing on lessons learned, so it assumes a reasonable level of awareness of agile, lean, design thinking, devops and operating model concepts. The context will be leadership of technology teams and functions, and delivering software, but the talk will focus on behaviours, culture and mindsets, and how to overcome legacy thinking to enable more outcomes from the technology team.



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