An infrastructure in line with my requirements

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Depending on my needs and requirements, an architecture can quickly become complex and cost more in terms of investments maintenance in operational condition, skills, scalability, etc.

What does it cost in practice to have an infrastructure with the right levels of acceptance according to the risks involved? Do I have the right people in-house? Tomorrow, should I launch my XaaS platform / my log well / my redesign towards infra as code? Do I really need everything? In what order?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Tl;dr how did my single server infrastructure become a resilient, cloud-agnostic, auto scalable and auto-healing infrastructure (architecture, culture and methodology wise)

The idea is to take an example of a new startup created. In the early days, everything works on a very simple infra, one server, updated by 1 person from his personal laptop. The success of the startup will make organisational, architecture and infrastructure needs evolve: multiple developers, CI/CD pipeline, resiliency, multi-environment. Then to scale, to have different life cycles and to optimise resources we will introduce containers and the need for an orchestrator (like kubernetes and swarm). We will unravel what it means from the methodology, culture and team perspective: what are the new roles needed at each step, how devs are becoming more ops and how ops are becoming more dev, etc.

Learning Outcome

An infrastructure in line with my requirements:

  • What are the benefits of each architecture? What are their limitations?
  • What are the impact on the culture and methodology at each architecture update
  • How did DevOps appear, why it is not only about infra?

Target Audience

CIO, CTO, COO, architects

Prerequisites for Attendees




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