Take away “Dev” and “QA” from engineer’s job title and build a truly “one team” – The Gumtree bidirectional transformation journey

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As we move into agile and devops world, silos need to be broken down between different stages and different roles. Testing needs to shift left to remove the biggest barrier that having dedicated people/dedicated phase to do testing, which means “Developer need to do more testing”. DevOps requires continuous testing (automation) to provide fast quality feedback. With the majority testing work shifting left on Developer’s shoulder, and less needs for manual testing, traditional QA’s role needs to be reinvented.

What exactly organisation can do to transform legacy Dev and QA team to embrace these changes? This session will share Gumtree’s bidirectional transformation journey – How we change people’s mindset and skillset and the way of working in stages, introduce the tools built along the transformation journey to support the changes, eventually take away the role from their job title to bring them together as a truly “one team”.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Overview the motivation to do bidirectional transformation
  • Gumtree transformation journey
    • Stage 1: Preparation - Mindset / Skillset / Tools
      • Mindset – explain why, and hear voice from one of their own
      • Skillset – training / workshop / pair programming/ pair testing
      • Tools – extend testing to dev env
    • Stage 2: Implementation - Process / Tools
      • Clarify Dev and QA’s extended scope under new process
      • Continue investing on tools to boost engineer productivity and improve continuous testing
    • Stage 3: Continuous Improvement - One team (stepping into)
      • Dev doing testing work both in development and production
      • QA doing both Dev and Testing work even some Ops work

Learning Outcome

You will hear how Gumtree transform existing Dev to do testing and skill up QA team to be more technical to extend responsibility from manual testing to automation and even development, learn our success and failure stories, if you are in the process of transformation or plan to start the transformation, hope you could come away with one or more inspired ideas.

Target Audience

Technology leaders, or anyone passionate to improve engineer productivity

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