Instrument Flight Rules - Navigating Cyber Security in a Cloud Landscape

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There was a time when protecting the perimeter was the primary means of defending your organisation’s digital assets. Keeping the firewall patched and managing and auditing the firewall ruleset was right at the top of the list of security priorities. Intrusion detection and prevention was all the rage. Today, more and more of our digital assets are moving out beyond the company borders. Flexible working means access from home, public wifi hotspots, airport lounges and now even from 30,000 feet above the oceans. VPN tunnels into the company was all that was required to enable remote access, but today key data resides outside of the company, rendering the VPN tunnel virtually useless.

Cloud technologies provides incredible agility and scale and the ability to roll out new products and services at a pace that was simply not achievable twenty years ago. Those that are not embracing these technologies risk being left behind in the ever more competing landscape. However, as with all new technologies, new challenges arise and cyber security in the new world is no different.

In this talk, we’ll look into the differences between cyber defence before and after the cloud. We’ll look into just how much of your data exists beyond the firewall, even for companies that believe they have not yet moved to the cloud. We’ll look at what can be done holistically to protect your data and discuss technologies that are specifically designed to address cloud security challenges.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is different about security in the cloud world?

How do you implement Data Loss Prevention in a cloud world?

How do you classify cyber security risks?

How do you put together a comprehensive cyber security strategy?

Are you prepared for a data breach?

Learning Outcome

You’ll come away with an understanding of just how different the cyber security considerations are in a cloud world, where there is simply no longer a perimeter that you can defend. You will also understand the strategies that you should consider when securing your cloud assets and what technologies are available to you to assist in this endeavour.

Target Audience

CIOs and CTOs that have embraced cloud technologies or are thinking of moving to the cloud

Prerequisites for Attendees

None – however understanding the consequences of a data breach in your organisation in terms of cost and reputation would be advantageous.

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