Scaling Engineering Teams for Growth

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Your startup has been very successful, it is growing very quickly and it is putting a lot of pressure on your team to meet the needs of the market. It is a really good problem to have. You added more people to your development team but you noticed that you are not getting the same ROI as you did in the past, in fact, it is a declining ROI, you are just not getting the outcome that you look for.

Operating a 10 people engineering team is different to 50 people engineering team. It is different to operating 100 people engineering team. In this talk, Herry will tell the story on how he scaled the engineering team in Campaign Monitor from 20 to 70 engineers in order to unlock growth.


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  • Brad Tonkes

    Brad Tonkes - Safety Engineering: A Journey

    Brad Tonkes
    Brad Tonkes
    IT Professional
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    30 Mins

    We engineer our systems to be reliable. The profession has maintained a keen focus on approaches to testing to best ensure that everything goes right. We expect our people to think through potential failures and architect them to be resilient regardless. But despite our best efforts, unexpected failures will always occur.

    This talk discusses ‘safety engineering’ – the design of IT control systems for when unforeseen circumstances arise. Drawing on the experience of implementing a safety program within a HFT company the talk will cover where safety systems sit in the overall architecture, what they do, and when to invest in them. Finally, the talk will cover the practical aspects of implementing a safety regime within a company.