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As we level up in technical roles, often we find ourselve thrust into team leadership and management. This sneaks up on us and we can be left without the skills to adequately understand, engage with and lead our teams. This inevitably has a negative effect on our teams and this effect is multiplied as you scale.

What if we could reach into our toolbox that we use to understand technical problems – software architecture and distributed systems theory – to help us understand our teams? Could we learn to better manage people through this metaphor?

We will explore the dynamics of teams and how they map to our understanding of distributed systems. Using this understanding we can apply distributed systems theory to help unpick some of the dynamics of our teams and how to optimise them for scale.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Defining distributed systems

8 Fallacies of a distributed system

CAP Theorem and Your Team

Tools for Scaling Teams

  • Monitoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication
  • Clarity of Roles
  • Collective Goals
  • Culture

It's about Choices.

Learning Outcome

A better understanding of how we set teams up to scale successfully, and maybe a greater appreciation for parts of distributed systems theory.

Target Audience

Anyone who works in or leads a team.


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