Big Data, Little Data, Fast Data, Slow… Understanding the Potential Value of Click-Stream Data Processing

Digital event data (or click-stream data) is the collective record of users’ interactions with a website or other application. With the growing popularity of collecting this data has come waves of hype about particular approaches and tools for processing and analysing it. From spreadsheets, to dynamic reporting tools, to data warehouses, to massively parallel architectures to real time processing. Which processing approach is right for you?

As for any data system, the collection of digital event data is fundamentally about supporting, or even completely automating, our decisions and this has important implications for how it is processed. This presentation will examine some of these core considerations in formulating an approach to the processing of this data. What decisions does it support? Who uses the data? And increasingly importantly, as users become more aware of the value exchange for the data they provide, how to ensure that this data ultimately provides for a better service?


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