Building a culture of experimentation at Pinterest

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A successful experimentation program consists of much more than mere randomization and measurement. How do you help stakeholders understand the right things to measure, avoid common pitfalls, and learn to rely on A/B tests as the best way to measure a new system or feature? Building a culture of experimentation and the right tools to support it is just as important as the statistics behind the comparisons themselves - and potentially much trickier to get right.


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  • Linda McIver

    Linda McIver - Kids can change the world with data

    45 Mins
    Invited Talk

    From researchers perpetrating unspeakable acts with their datasets, to students trying to communicate experimental results with pie charts that don’t sum to 100, we have all seen data horror stories. But in my classes kids have worked with their communities to create real change using data and computation. We can band together to give all kids the opportunity to change the world. This is the story of kids. Of data. Of Computation. And of change. It’s the story of the Australian Data Science Education Institute.

  • Noon van der Silk

    Noon van der Silk - Creative AI Fashion Design: How people can work with computers to produce wildy different clothes!

    Noon van der Silk
    Noon van der Silk
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    30 Mins

    AI has been used recently to automate many tasks: help-desks, simplistic chatting, watching videos, and even turning on and off air-conditioners; typically taking away some un-wanted aspect of a business process.

    Here, we discuss and demonstrate an approach to Human+AI interaction where the AI enhances ones capability to explore and experiment in a creative way. Specifically, we apply this idea to fashion design, where we show that by combining many different AI and programming techniques we can build a design tool that allows for rapid experimentation and creativity in a way not possible previously!