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Bees are dying – in recent years an unprecedented decline in honey bee colonies has been seen around the globe. The causes are still largely unknown. At CSIRO, the Global Initiative for Honey bee Health (GIHH) is an international collaboration of researchers, beekeepers, farmers, and industry set up to research the threats to bee health in order to better understand colony collapse and find solutions that will allow for sustainable crop pollination and food security. Integral to the research effort is RFID tags that are manually fitted to bees. The abundance of data being collected by the thousands of bee-attached sensors as well as additional environmental sensors poses several challenges regarding the interpretation and comprehension of the data, both computationally as well as from a user perspective. In this talk, I will discuss visual analytics techniques that we have been investigating to facilitate an effective path from data to insight. I will particularly focus on interactive and immersive user interfaces that allow for a range of end users to effectively explore the complex sensor data.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Context of Global Initiative for Honey bee Health and Bee Data Collection Process
  2. From Data to Insights: Visual Analytics and Immersive Analytics
    1. Visual Analytics on Bee Data
    2. Immersive Systems
    3. Collaborative Design for Immersive Analytics

Learning Outcome

This talk would give to the audience some useful guidelines on building collaborative immersive systems for data visualisation using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, visual analytics, and honey bees!

Prerequisites for Attendees

General concept of data visualisation, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

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