Protecting Australia’s red meat industry with interactive data visualisation

location_city Sydney schedule May 15th 02:40 - 03:10 PM AEDT place Wesley Theatre people 179 Interested

Anyone who has seen a computer simulation of the spread of a pandemic would appreciate the power of visualisation to manage the situation.

In Australia there exists the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), which is used to trace the movements of cattle in the event of a serious disease outbreak.

Using Neo4j we will demonstrate a tracing exercise across a dataset of over 400 million movement events showing the power of interactive data visualisation.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Introduction to the world of livestock traceability and the role of the NLIS Database in providing food safety assurance and international market access.
  • Discuss the challenges and limitations of current technology used in NLIS when it comes to real time traceability needs.
  • Outline the NLIS data and analytics roadmap focusing on the need for interactive visualisation.
  • Technical demo: Demonstrate a new way of tracing animals using Neo4j with built in browser, address the issues and then demonstrate again with browser enhancements.
  • Q/A

Learning Outcome

  • The value of interactive visualisation over traditional reporting
  • The role of data and analytics in biosecurity and food safety in Australia
  • A practical application of a graph database (Neo4j)

Target Audience

Business leaders (especially AgTech), Architects, Designers

Prerequisites for Attendees




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