Privacy Preserved Data Augmentation using Enterprise Data Fabric

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Enterprises hold data that has potential value outside their own firewalls. We have been trying to figure out how to share such data at a level of detail with others in a secure, safe, legal and risk mitigated manner that ensure high level of privacy while adding tangible economic and social value. Enterprises are facing numerous roadblocks, failed projects, inadequate business cases, and issues of scale that needs newer techniques, technology and approach.
In this talk, we will be setup the groundwork for scalable data augmentation for organisations and visualising technical architectures and solutions around emerging technologies of data fabrics, edge computing and a second coming of data virtualisation.
A self-assessment toolkit will be shared for people interested to apply it to their organisations.

Outline/Structure of the Talk


!Kumbaya (Open data hype vs reality)
  • The state of data augmentation across enterprises and government (in Australia) today
  • Current techniques for (data) privacy preserved computing
  • Challenges of current solutions (Technology, Legal, People, Economic)
2nd coming of Data Virtualisation (and the rise of Enterprise Data Fabrics)
  • Architectural candidates: Fabrics, Privacy Preserving Data Lakes and Portals, Analytical Virtualisation.
  • Pivoting virtualisation tech for data-at-rest privacy
  • Technical implications and Solution design(s). (cloud/hybrids, IoT & edge computing)
Field Notes from Banking, Healthcare and Government
  • Privacy preserving vs privacy ensuring(?) ecosystem
  • Emerging Issues: Regulations and transparency around algorithms (Weapons of Math Destruction)
  • Self-assessment (readiness) at your organisation for privacy preserved data augmentation.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the data privacy landscape from legal, technical and enterprise perspectives
  • Technical architectures around enterprise data fabrics and data Virtualisation for privacy preserving data augmentation
  • Current use cases being implemented in Australia
  • Self-Assessment (Readiness) toolkit.

Target Audience

Enterprise, people interested in privacy, regulations, FOI, data lakes, big data management



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