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Creating a device that can predict epileptic seizures to help patients regain autonomy in their everyday lives?
That's the amazing project we are working on with the association Aura.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurologic diseases. It remains a huge scourge for patients and no definitive cure has yet been found. The seizures are so unpredictable they have disastrous consequences on the epileptics lives and autonomy.

We are creating a mobile app to detect and warn patient when a seizure is coming, using technologies such as Airflow, Docker, Grafana or Ansible.
We will cover the full data architecture of the project and will present the tremendous work that has been done by all the people who worked on this meaningful project.

This project is now in open-source, available for anyone to help and contribute.
#TechForGood #TechForCare


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1- Intro on Epilepsy & the Aura project
AURA is an open, collaborative, non-profit project that aims to develop a connected device detecting early seizure signs in order to alert the patients

2- Complete architecture to store and monitor physiological data
Why did we develop this platform? What motivated our choice of technologies/tools? How did we manage to create a modular infrastructure to adapt to medical needs?

3 - How do we exploit the raw signal?
Dashboards demo studying the motion intensity
From raw physiological data to medical biomarkers

4- Next steps (Infra on AWS architecture with Terraform & Machine Learning)
What are our next steps? How do we need to scale? How do we plan to train the Machine Learning model?

DevOps tools: Docker, Ansible, Terraform
Data Engineer tools: Airflow, InfluxDB NoSQL database, Grafana

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn:

  • about state of the art Open Source technologies through a use case
  • Heart rate variability analysis
  • Craftsmanship in Data Engineering

Target Audience

Data and DevOps engineers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of Docker & Ansible is nice to have but every tool used will be described.

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