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Since January, we have RSVPd “yes” 26,610 times to tech Meetups in Brisbane*. That’s a lot of pizza.

Every Monday, I run a script which posts in the #meetup channel of the Brisbane Developers Slack group. It's a simple Node script that calls the Meetup API, and lists every tech event in Brisbane for the following week. The script was conceived from curiosity, a want to share information, and because I'm a stats nerd.

Apart from writing code, I also co-host two Brisbane tech Meetups: Women Who Code and CTO School. In 2018, these user groups have grown from a humble handful of regulars, to almost standing room only.

I will share with you a statistical analysis of a years worth of Brisbane tech Meetup data (updated for YOW! Data 2019), the secret life of a Meetup organiser, and how the transparency of information (such as speaker gender ratio) has started to affect change in this community, for the better.

*data from Jan 1 to Sept 30, 2018


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. A year's worth of Brisbane meetup stats, and a quick overview of the life of a meetup organiser.

2. Technical demo of data analysis using Meetup API, and applying machine learning, lightly.

3. How transparency of information and data affects change, and why diversity is good for business.

Learning Outcome

Raising awareness of the lack of diversity in our technical speakers, and how to create change using data and machine learning. Inspiration and tips on how to get more diversity within our speakers.

Target Audience

Those interested in diversity and inclusion statistics and research.

Prerequisites for Attendees




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