How COVID-19 has Accelerated the Journey to Data-driven Health Decisions

location_city Online schedule Jul 2nd 10:10 - 10:40 AM place Grand Ball Room 1

The speed with which COVID-19 has taken over the world has raised the demand for data-
driven health decisions and the shift towards virtual may actually enable the necessary data
collection. This session talks about how CSIRO has leveraged cloud-native technologies to
advance three areas of the COVID-19 response: firstly we worked with GISAID, the largest
data resource for the virus causing COVID-19 and use standard health terminologies (FHIR)
to help collect clinical patient data. This feeds into a Docker-based workflow that creates
identifying “fingerprints” of the virus for guiding vaccine developments and investigating
whether there are more pathogenic versions of the virus. Secondly, we developed a fully
serverless web-service for tailoring diagnostics efforts, capable of differentiating between
strains. Thirdly, we are creating a serverless COVID-19 analysis platform that allows
distributed genomics and patient data to be shared and analysed in a privacy- and
ownership-preserving manner and functioning as a surveillance system for detecting more
virulent strains early.


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