Islands in the Stream - What country music can teach us about event driven systems

Event driven systems are all the rage. It's with good reason we're witnessing a transformation with businesses adopting event driven systems. Building systems around an event-driven architecture is powerful pattern for creating awesome data intensive applications.  But before we sail away to another world, let's avoid the common pitfalls of designing & running event driven systems.

Islands in the Stream - what Kenny Rogers can teach us about event driven systems from the wisdom of a country music classic


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The the wisdom found within a country music classic I will share lessons learnt in building event driven systems - 

  • Techniques for management of schemas across environments and divisions for the peace unknown of your compliance teams
  • Microservices and the honest love of self-contained services using domain driven design
  • No one in between us; best practices for using declarative high-level events across teams to deliver the right cross functional solution
  • The fine-toothed comb to keep the DBA's happy running CDC against tier-1 production systems
  • And we rely on each other by gracefully handling a mix of traditional batch and newly developed steaming systems

Target Audience

This talk is aimed at users and developers of databases, as well as distributed systems generally.

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