location_city Hong Kong schedule Sep 7th 11:35 AM - 12:20 PM place The Wave 9/F people 38 Interested

C# is a language of breadth. At one end it allows low-level programming with pointers and lock-free synchronization; at the other end, it sports high-level features such as closures, expressions trees and asynchronous functions.

Which leads us to a challenge: can we write a non-contrived program that uses all of the above? The answer is “of course!”, and I’m going to walk you through a practical example: a high-speed communications library built on shared memory (and used in production!)

Come and join the author of C# 7 in a Nutshell and LINQPad in an advanced session, where we step outside the box and play with all of C#’s best toys at once.


Target Audience

Software Engineers and anyone with an interest in the C# language.

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