Agile Coaching Nightmares: Lessons We Can Learn From Gordon Ramsay

location_city Hong Kong schedule Sep 7th 02:05 - 02:50 PM place The Wave 9/F people 30 Interested

When you look for inspiration in the Agile Coaching community, the name Gordon Ramsay is probably not the first name to come to mind. He has been known to be belligerent, condescending and downright rude, but underneath this brute facade is a treasure trove of skills and talents that influence change.

In this presentation we will draw insights from his ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ escapades and draw parallels with how much his work aligns with that of an Agile Coach and the goal to successfully drive change and introduce a number of models and techniques that are indispensable in the coaching toolkit.


Target Audience

Technical leaders, agile coaches, scrum masters and anyone interest in techniques for coaching and leading teams,



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