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YOW! Hong Kong 2018 Workshop Day 1

Thu, Sep 13
Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (HKT)
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    Dave Farley

    Dave Farley - Continuous Delivery Fundamentals

    schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place The Royal Pacific Hotel &Towers people 1 Interested shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    Continuous Delivery is a complex, holistic approach to software development and has a significant impact on the way in which organisations operate. This approach demands a broad range of skills and techniques. This course is designed to introduce, and explore a deeper understanding of, these ideas and techniques. It is primarily aimed at “Change Agents” within organisations, Managers, Leaders, Lead Developers, Lead Architects and so on, but is relevant to anyone who works on delivering valuable software to users in any capacity. More specifically this course will give you the tools to help your company become a 'Learning Organisation'. Increase efficiency and quality, and reduce risk in your software development process. Our training can teach the techniques that will allow you to increase user satisfaction and make your organisation more innovative. We do this by teaching an approach that will allow your company to become more experimental and capable of reacting quickly and efficiently to change and allowing your software development process to become a tool that enables this flexibility rather than an impediment to it.

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    Jeff Patton

    Jeff Patton - Passionate Product Ownership: A Certified Scrum Product Ownership Workshop

    schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place The Royal Pacific Hotel &Towers shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    Product Ownership is hard! If you’re working as a product owner in an Agile team, you already know this is the toughest and most critical role in a successful product organization. If you’re a UX practitioner, senior engineer, or marketing professional in your organization, it may seem like adopting Scrum or Agile development has stripped away your ability to contribute as a product decision maker.

    If you’re adopting an Agile approach, your organization may be struggling with bloated backlogs that aren’t well understood, stressful planning meetings that last too long and fail to get at details needed to deliver predictably, a nagging feeling that you’re building the wrong thing, a lack of time to work with customers and users, chronically late delivery, and frustrated business stakeholders...There’s hope!

    The Passionate Product Ownership workshop takes on the bad assumptions and bad practices that often emerge from overly simplistic approaches to agile development and Scrum. Jeff Patton will leverage his past product leadership experience, and years of coaching product teams to teach an effective product ownership strategy.

  • schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place The Royal Pacific Hotel &Towers people 1 Interested shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    In this full-day workshop, you will learn how to create applications that survive the rigors of life in production. Too often, project teams aim to pass QA instead of aiming for success in production. Testing is not enough to prove that your software is ready for continuous availability in the corrosive environment of the Internet. During this workshop, you will receive an understanding of the architecture and design patterns that can produce high availability in distributed, multithreaded systems. You will also learn about the antipatterns that can sabotage your systems availability and capacity.

Thu, Jan 1
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YOW! Hong Kong 2018 Workshop Day 2

Fri, Sep 14
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    Michael Nygard

    Michael Nygard - Architecture Without an End State

    schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place Cliftons shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    Architecture plans in enterprises tend to resemble late-night infomercials. First, you see a person or system that seems incapable of survival—a situation that can be immediately rectified if you just buy into the product. (One popular infomercial shows incompetent people mangling tomatoes transitioning into Ginsu-wielding sous chefs; the architecture pitch starts with hideous complexity then moves to clean orthogonal box diagrams.) Operators are always standing by.

    Real architecture never reaches that blissful end state. Something always interrupts the program: businesses change, technology changes, or funding dries up. What would happen if you did reach the end state, anyway? Is IT in the company done? Of course not.

    The truth is that there is no end state. We must all learn to build systems that evolve and grow. We need to stop aiming for the end state and understand that change is continuous. We cannot predict the details, but we can learn the general patterns.

    Michael Nygard demonstrates how to design and architect systems that admit change—bending and flexing through time. Using a blend of information architecture, technical architecture, and some process change, Michael walks you through examples of rigid systems to show how to transform them into more maneuverable architecture.

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    Heidi Helfand

    Heidi Helfand - Dynamic Reteaming at Fast-Growing Companies

    schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place The Royal Pacific Hotel &Towers shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    Team change is inevitable, especially when your company is hiring like crazy and doubling in size. Your teams might grow and split. 20 people might arrive in one day. What feels like “tectonic shifts” happen as you morph structurally in an attempt to refocus work and people. How can we bring a humanistic stance to this dynamic reteaming? How can the people be empowered to own their own team changes? How do you integrate the new people in without losing your sense of “culture?” We will explore questions like these with an interactive format. Along the way, I’ll share case studies from 3 successful startups I’ve been a part for nearly 20 years.

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    Gojko Adzic

    Gojko Adzic - Serverless Apps with AWS Lambda

    schedule  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM HKT place Cliftons people 1 Interested shopping_cart Reserve Seat star_halfRate

    This is a practical workshop for developers and architects that want to take advantage of the latest trends in cloud computing: serverless apps and cloud functions. Through hands-on exercises and teamwork, you’ll learn about using AWS Lambda and API Gateway to create responsive event-driven micro-services, auto-scaling web APIs, and high-performance web sites. By the end of the workshop, you will create a useful real-world serverless application, exploring the typical architectural patterns.

    Serverless platforms significantly reduce the cost of running high-performance web sites and API services in the cloud, but with a major impact on architecture, these services also require teams to re-think how to approach sessions, storage, authorization and testing.

    The author of the workshop is Gojko Adzic, a key contributor to Claudia.js, a popular open-source deployment tool for AWS Lambda.

YOW! Hong Kong 2018 Day 1

Sat, Sep 15

    Registration for YOW! Hong Kong 2018 - 45 mins


    Opening Introductions - 15 mins

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    Gregor Hohpe

    Gregor Hohpe - Keynote - Enterprise Architecture = Architecting the Enterprise?

    schedule  09:30 - 10:30 AM HKT place Grand Ball Room people 108 Interested star_halfRate

    Architects in the enterprise are often regarded as ivory tower residents who bestow their utopian plans upon project teams in the form of colorful diagrams that bear little to no resemblance to reality. The most suspicious in this group are often the “Enterprise Architects” who are perceived as being furthest from actual technical problems.

    However, large-scale IT operation and transformation require transparency across hundreds or thousands of applications running on all sorts of middleware in data centers around the globe. The very enterprise architects are likely the only ones who stand a chance to bring transparency into such an environment and who can direct IT investments in the hundreds of millions of Euros towards modernization and run-cost reduction. This sounds a lot more exciting and valuable than drawing pictures!

    This session takes a serious but light-hearted look at the role of enterprise architects in modern IT organizations.


    Morning Coffee - 20 mins


    Lunch - 40 mins


    Afternoon Tea - 20 mins